Stratechic is a must read for every woman striving to live her best life. From the first page to the last, readers aren’t simply told what to do, they are given useful tools on why and how to accomplish each goal. Throughout the book, Michele reminds the reader, “If you don’t set expectations, nothing will happen!”

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Michele Thornton urges women to get strategic—actually, she calls it Stratechic. She believes women are innate strategists that use most of their time and focus taking care of others. Thornton encourages women to use a portion of that energy towards developing a personal life plan. With her proven 10-step framework, Thornton helps every woman be more Stratechic and reclaim the power they naturally possess!



Michele Thornton is a wife, mother, and high-ranking media executive that resides in New Jersey. Born and raised in Oakland, California, Michele didn’t graduate college until the age of thirty. Between high school and college, she dated the wrong men, gained 30 pounds, cleaned homes for a living, and tragically lost her father to cancer. She views her dad’s death as the catalyst for change in her life. While on his deathbed, Michele vowed to make her father proud. Her promise was the last thing he would ever hear. Walt Thornton and many others are very proud of NOT merely what Michele has accomplished in her career, but what she has given back to the world. Stratechic is another example of Thornton’s commitment to the world, her community, and to women.

STRATECHIC of the Month

Regina Jackson

“When young people don’t have high expectations, they often won’t try. Because my staff and I believe our youth can perform at high levels, they often rise to, meet, and exceed those expectations.” – Regina Jackson, President & CEO, East Oakland Youth Development Center (@reginaoak)

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The 2015 Women & Strategy Research Study

was fielded via an online survey in October 2015 among 27 successful women ages 18-65. They are influencers within their homes, communities, networks, and organizations.


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