STRATECHIC of the Month

Miss Diddy
CEO, Brand/Marketing Genius, Entrepreneur, Promoter, Host


Icons tend to have more than one title. The Ambassador of LA, CEO, a Marketing/Branding Genius, and an inspiration to her community; Miss Diddy has earned every title and more! A true leader of her generation, Miss Diddy has broken through barriers in a male driven industry from the moment she figured out it was lacking something… Her!


She is the only female promoter to actively work in the music industry and promote at the same time. The first promoter to implement brand infusion in nightlife, allowing street brands to host parties and music events. And the first in Hollywood to consistently gain media attention for her events and the most efficient at keeping it “cool” to promote.


She got her start doing West Coast Lifestyle promotions for G.O.O.D music, a label founded by none other than Kanye West. Since then she has worked with some of the top named executives, celebrities and companies in the industry. From redeveloping All Def Digital with Russell Simmons to being the new Key Account manager of Hennessy; this “GentleWoman” is also the CEO of a premier marketing firm, The Brand Group,Inc., and Co owner of a public relations firm,
The People Group, Inc. With many layers to her growing career, Miss Diddy has acquired and plans to retain the title, Ambassador of L.A.


We admire and salute you Miss Diddy for being the Icon you are. Keep on shining! To learn more about Miss Diddy visit her website.

“ I am a strong hustler in every sense of the word; for my business, it’s far more important for people to see my work ethic, trust me, and understand my business model.”

Miss Diddy

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